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    Travel Glossary: A Preface

    The seed for this endeavor began many years ago in Chicago with a friend. Early in my tour-guiding career and barely having my first trip to Europe under my belt, I was getting to know a friend of a friend who had travelled the world as an army brat and spent her summers in Paris… Read more »

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    Best In Nashville: Corsair Distillery Tour

    There are no shortages of breweries and whiskey distilleries in and around Nashville, which means there are plenty of booze and beer friendly tours for which to imbibe while wandering the south. This weekend I toured one of the most creative distilleries in town, Corsair. What first drew me to Corsair was how crafty and… Read more »

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    Photo Diary–Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    One of my favorite perks when I lived in Chicago was that there were so many cool weekend trip options. Last summer I finally took a weekend trip to the land of beer and cheese–Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I visited breweries old and new, the architecturally magnificent Milwaukee Museum of Art, and the Fonz amongst wandering the streets of downtown. Here’s… Read more »

  • spaceship house chattanooga smoky mountains

    24 Hours In Chattanooga

    Last week I had the chance to explore Chattanooga, Tennessee for a day. In my short 24 hours, I soaked in the modern, the vintage, the local and the weird in River City and found it is worth the stop if you’re headed down Interstate 24. “Step aside partner, it’s my day Bend an ear… Read more »

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    7 Travel Tips To Prevent Rainy Day Blues

    When it comes to vacation, its hard to believe that not every day will be full of sunshine to match your sunny ‘I’m on vacation!’ attitude. The reality is we can’t control the weather and sometimes those rainy days will weasel into your perfect trip. However, the rain doesn’t have to ruin your adventure. My top 7… Read more »